Ackermann's Camp And First Day Information

Children will be greeted at their cars by staff.

There will be counselors to check-in your camper(s) on the first day

"YELLOW CARD WILL BE ATTACHED" to their basket that they will use the entire session to keep their belongings in. If your child has any information that the counselors need to be aware off such as.... (Allergies,special needs,ect.) please send a note and any needed medication with specific details.

The staff will direct your children on where to go and what to do.

Parents please stay in your car during drop-off and pick-up time.

Also mark towels, lunch and snack with their first name and last initial.

This will help keep their belongings together

and prevent them from going home with other campers

TRAFFIC: Please do NOT ENTER Curran Ave. from Manchester Road.

Please do NOT MAKE LEFT HAND TURNS onto Manchester Road from Curran Ave.

SUN SCREEN: We will supervise children after lunch while reapplying sunscreen

MY CHILD.... is going home with somebody different than myself.

Please send a note with your camper to give to the staff. Also please make sure your child knows who they are going home with that afternoon to avoid any confusion.

LUNCH TIME:  How long does my child have to eat lunch?

After the first swim, they have an hour break before getting in the pool again. After they eat, thay can use the time to play on the playground.

IF YOUR CHILD HAS FOOD ALLERGIES.... they can sit separately on the allergy blanket at lunch with a counselor. If their allergies are not severe they can sit with the other children.

WHAT TO PACK FOR LUNCH: Please pack an ice pack in their lunch boxes.We recommend  not packing yogurts or make yourself pizzas. They make quit a mess and can go bad in the heat. We have water fountains and they can refill their water bottles.

WHAT TO WEAR TO CAMP: Send your child in their swimsuit. Send a back-up suit for children prone to bathroom accidents. If it's a cool day send them something warm to wear over their suit. Remember the pools are all heated, but it can be cold when they get out.

LOST AND FOUND: My child lost something at camp, what do I do?

Send a note so the counselors can look for it the next day. If there is a first name and last initials on the item, we will put it in their basket for them to take home. If there is no name it goes in the lost and found which is spread out every morning at the gate. When your children get to the gate a counselor will ask if they had lost anything and to see if it is there.


We will have a visiting day the last Friday of each 2 week session. Visiting day is not a normal camp day. It is for family and friends to come and watch what your children did in their time at camp. Come anytime between 9:00am and 1:00pm.Your child's teacher will show you what they learned. Then you will all go home with your child.

Go around the block using Manchester Lane to the right

Questions may be e-mailed to

Thank you for your cooperation.....Bev Ackermann Shoop & Michael Shoop

Carol Shoop Carlstrom and Staff

Children need 2 towels and 2 suits everyday plus a lunch and something to drink

Illnesses: Please be aware of any viruses or illnesses that may affect your child. We are especially concerned about the water born pathogens in diarrhea. If your child does not feel well for any reason please have them stay home. We will abide by the St. Louis County Health Departments Regulations concerning any outbreaks. If your children have been at other camps or have traveled to a high outbreak area with covid-19, please isolate them from any social activity for 5 days before sending them to Ackermann's. At this time mask are optional.


In case of critical injury, you will be contacted

and your child will be taken to the closest emergency room or

one recommended by rescuers as the situation warrants.