Hot summers in St. Louis took "Happy Times Nursery School" from pre-school to swim camp in the summers with the first blow up pool.

Where the pet duck "Quacky swam, we built our first pool.This pool is now our Pool #3.

A side note. Every day our pet duck Quacky would lay an egg in the yard for our dog Pouchy. Unfortunately, one day someone left the gate open and Quacky disappeared.

Our first in ground pool is now our Pool 3#.

Alice and Al worked hard to keep the swim camp running.

Swimming in the first -ground pool with the giant homemade filters and heater.

As we grew, we built another pool, our #4.

We built our 2nd in-ground Pool

Our big pool #4. The pipes now go through the walls instead of over the deck.

2013 Pools

In 2014 we replaced our beginners round pool #1